A classic; if given one word to describe rising superstar Cassy London. She’s a breath of fresh air, captivated by the resonance her voices carries, all is takes is one listen and you are left wanting more. Her unique mix of angelic rock and soulful legato is a sound that makes London stand out from the rest, it’s a voice you can’t forget. She embodies polarities; surface beauty and depth, vulnerability and resilience.

As an only child raised in Southern California Cassy used music, art and writing or (storytelling) as she calls it as her way of developing. “I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing or singing melodies in my head, it was just something I always did, I thought it was normal.” She began her musical journey at age six finding a love for  operatic pop while being inspired by artists like Stevie Nicks, Celine Dion, and Amy Lee among others. It was in high school that London decided to dedicate herself entirely to music and hone her craft without looking back. 

Cassy first gained popularity posting covers of her favorite songs and competing in the Miss California Pageant. She represented her hometown of Orange County to bring attention to her musical platform and build an audience. With momentum building, London caught the attention of Grammy Award winnings artists and producers and in 2015, Cassy burst into the music scene, having released her first debut single Carousel. It immediately generated buzz with its relatable lyrics that speak of difficult love, a potential bliss and an eccentric video to go along with it. From word of mouth and worldwide online listeners, the video took a spot on Youtube’s top trending videos in its first day. Fans from all over the US, including Europe and Latin America were drawn to her individuality and honest voice. In May of the same year, London was asked to join the “High School Nation Tour,” which is one of the largest traveling music and art festivals that visit and perform at public schools across the country. 

Coming off the tour, London hit the studio and shortly after released her second single “Wonderland.” Wonderland was yet another win for Cassy, finding its way in the world of radio. One of the leading industry radio news publications, “RadioInfo,” featured Cassy on their top picks of the week (along with other artists Ellie Goulding, Selena Gomez..) and Pop song chart for six consecutive weeks. “She’s kind of a paradox, vulnerability and resilience in her lyrics, and the girl next door who just happens to have elite star quality” -RadioInfo’s music editor Duane Jr. In 2016, London self-released her official six song EP Realm, which was already gaining a tremendous amount of heat. “When I first heard about Cassy London, her dreamy pop vocals and killer cover of “Stand Back” had me convinced she was meant to be a star..” -Galore Magazine. Macy’s, being one of the first to jump on board, picked up the video for her song Magic and had it played in over 800 of their stores across the US during the holiday season. 

In early 2018, while studying songwriting under the mentorship of legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Pop Songwriter and Producer Jeff Barry,  (‘Sugar Sugar, ‘Leader of the Pack’, “Be My Baby”) Cassy met music industry veteran Hayden Bell (Sony Music Asia’s Head of A&R for Asia Pacific Middle East and India) and signed with The Kennel Records in Stockholm later that year. Today, Cassy is releasing her first summer smash “Suburbs.” Things are heating up for the pop newcomer, she’s definitely an artist to watch! 

“With all the noise in today’s society it’s more important now to escape from the world’s constant speed, and to soul search. Music is my way to take that break and dig into the raw creativity I had as a child; that we all had as children.” -Cassy London

“She has everything it takes and so much to give, obvious superstar. We need more of them around” -Jeff Barry